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Lineart Naruto : Naruto uzumaki hokage lineart by luriam on deviantart

Naruto lineart by peanutbutter on deviantart. Sasuke vs naruto lineart by sama on deviantart. Naruto lineart by miahinasakie on deviantart. Naruto hashiramaa lineart by krltheking on. Kakashi lineart naruto by crazylz on deviantart. Uzumaki naruto kyuubi mode line art by megalow on deviantart. Kid naruto lineart by naruttando on deviantart. Kyuubi naruto line art by soratheavatar on deviantart.

In this ink drawing, a small grid experimenting with different line techniques has been included in the top left of the work. Some of these have been selected to apply tone to the work, carefully replicating reflection and shadow. This image was completed using a sharpened bamboo stick dipped in black ink.In this sketchbook page Samantha imitates and analyses a line drawing by Vincent van Gogh, discussing the suitability and appropriateness of each technique. Note that when learning from artists, it is rarely necessary to slavishly copy an entire work; replicating small pieces (as in this example) is often all that is needed.

Most famous for his post-impressionist paintings, Vincent van Gogh also produced over a thousand drawings. In this pen and pencil line drawing, ‘Cottages With a Woman Working in the Foreground’, we see the stylistic swirling of line in the trees and clouds that is so characteristic of his well-known paintings. Capturing the swirling of the trees and the movement of the clouds, van Gogh represents the light falling across the textured landscape with quick, confident mark-making.

This article contains exercises for Art students who wish to produce contour line drawings, cross contour drawings, blind drawings and other types of line drawings. It is a teaching aid for high school Art students and includes classroom activities, a free downloadable PDF worksheet and inspirational artist drawings.

The illusion of three-dimensional form, space and distance can be conveyed in a contour drawing through the use of varied line-weight (darker lines in the foreground / paler lines in the distance) and perspective.