Juvia Lineart

Juvia Lineart : Juvia ft lineart by scarletsky on deviantart

Juvia loxar lineart fairy tail by juviaft on deviantart. Gray and juvia summertime lineart by makkona on deviantart. Fairy tail gray and juvia lineart by cursedicedragon on. Fairy tail juvia lockser lineart by kvequiso on deviantart. Shy juvia lockser lineart by mmdlucyextend on deviantart. Dark juvia lineart by ishthak on deviantart. Fairy tail lineart juvia by tokajero on deviantart. Juvia lockser lineart by jadedragonne on deviantart.

Blind Drawing Exercises: Blind drawing is an excellent way to start a high school Fine Art programme. Drawing wobbly lines that bear little resemblance to the chosen object is relaxing and stress-free. Often, a classroom bubbles with laughter at the unexpected results. Blind drawing stretches the arms and soul; eases you into observational drawing without fear.

Blind Contour Drawing : A blind contour drawing contains lines that are drawn without ever looking at the piece of paper. This forces you to study a scene closely, observing every shape and edge with your eyes, as your hand mimics these on paper. The aim is not to produce a realistic artwork, but rather to strengthen the connection between eyes, hand and brain: a reminder that, when drawing, you must first learn to see.

Cross Contour Drawing Exercises: This is an excellent way to gain familiarity with the volumes and three-dimensional forms in your project, producing analytical cross contour drawings that are suitable for sketchbooks or early preparatory sheets.

Pop artist Andy Warhol is famous for his brightly coloured silkscreen artworks; however he was also a rampant drawer – often filling sketchbooks. He won many prizes for the drawings he produced in high school. The illustrations shown above – comprising of slightly smudged and blotchy black lines – have Warhol’s typical off-beat style. They were completed using a basic printmaking technique: pressing sheets of paper into a wet ink drawing, transferring the image to the second sheet.