Line Drawings Animals Wildlife

Line Drawings Animals Wildlife : Clipartist colorful animal

Drawings of animals line drawing free. Animal clipart coloring pencil and in color. Artist alexandra laza creates magical animal themed line art. Nolon stacey wildlife artist british pencil. One line logos animals drawn with a single. Bear art print native animal line drawing by thailan when. Art animal series with ballpoint by rené campbell. Clipartist clip art animal friends black white.

Famous artist David Hockey has produced many line drawings – often portraits. He draws in silence, with precision and care, moving a black ink pen across the paper quickly. This portrait – a snapshot into Hockney’s life – is entitled ‘Eugene and Henry’.

A planar analysis drawing simplifies complex curved surfaces into flat planes, using straight lines. This process helps students to think about the underlying structure of objects and results in an analytical drawing, that is rather mechanical in appearance.

The illusion of three-dimensional form, space and distance can be conveyed in a contour drawing through the use of varied line-weight (darker lines in the foreground / paler lines in the distance) and perspective.

This wire drawing exercise ‘using line to create space’ is completed by students within a 3D Art class, working over photographic portraits. Having a base image to work from (this could also be an earlier observational drawing) makes the process of transferring from two-dimensional to three-dimensional much easier.