Naruto Shippuden Lineart

Naruto Shippuden Lineart : Sakura from naruto shippuden lineart by

Naruto minato lineart by kurokoking on deviantart. Naruto shippuden lineart by nikocopado on deviantart. Naruto shippuden movie lineart by dennisstelly on. Gaara shippuden lineart by kingvegito on deviantart. Sasuke shippuden lineart by kyuubinaruto on deviantart. Naruto manga lineart by statt d on deviantart. Naruto shippuden kabutomaru lineart psd by rollando. Uzumaki naruto line art by uzumakijesse on deviantart.

This article contains exercises for Art students who wish to produce contour line drawings, cross contour drawings, blind drawings and other types of line drawings. It is a teaching aid for high school Art students and includes classroom activities, a free downloadable PDF worksheet and inspirational artist drawings.

This wire drawing exercise ‘using line to create space’ is completed by students within a 3D Art class, working over photographic portraits. Having a base image to work from (this could also be an earlier observational drawing) makes the process of transferring from two-dimensional to three-dimensional much easier.

When we first picked up a pen or pencil and started making marks on paper, we began with line. Whether self-taught, through trial and error, or guided by others, we learned how line defines form, creates structure, divides a frame, traces contour, creates tonal variation (cross-hatching, for example) and leads the eye from one part of a work to another. Initially a mechanism for getting outlines onto paper – identifying edges – we begin to applaud lines for their own merit: celebrate their presence…whether a quiet flick of charcoal on paper or a streak of graphite.

Blind Drawing Exercises: Blind drawing is an excellent way to start a high school Fine Art programme. Drawing wobbly lines that bear little resemblance to the chosen object is relaxing and stress-free. Often, a classroom bubbles with laughter at the unexpected results. Blind drawing stretches the arms and soul; eases you into observational drawing without fear.