Naruto Shippuden Lineart

Naruto Shippuden Lineart : Naruto shippuden lineart by uzumakiandrea on deviantart

Naruto shippuden manga lineart by carl tos on deviantart. Naruto team reunion lineart by graypapaya on deviantart. Gambar naruto vs sasuke shippuden super keren. Line art naruto shippuden by narutobigit on deviantart. Naruto shippuden koto amatsukami jutsu lineart by. Naruto lineart by aagito on deviantart. Lineart naruto shippuden shikara by carl tos on deviantart. Uzumaki naruto line art by uzumakijesse on deviantart.

Here is a collection of line drawings from famous and less well known artists, to inspire high school Art students and teachers. This section is continually updated. Enjoy!

Pop artist Andy Warhol is famous for his brightly coloured silkscreen artworks; however he was also a rampant drawer – often filling sketchbooks. He won many prizes for the drawings he produced in high school. The illustrations shown above – comprising of slightly smudged and blotchy black lines – have Warhol’s typical off-beat style. They were completed using a basic printmaking technique: pressing sheets of paper into a wet ink drawing, transferring the image to the second sheet.

In this ink drawing, a small grid experimenting with different line techniques has been included in the top left of the work. Some of these have been selected to apply tone to the work, carefully replicating reflection and shadow. This image was completed using a sharpened bamboo stick dipped in black ink.In this sketchbook page Samantha imitates and analyses a line drawing by Vincent van Gogh, discussing the suitability and appropriateness of each technique. Note that when learning from artists, it is rarely necessary to slavishly copy an entire work; replicating small pieces (as in this example) is often all that is needed.

Cross Contour Drawing Exercises: This is an excellent way to gain familiarity with the volumes and three-dimensional forms in your project, producing analytical cross contour drawings that are suitable for sketchbooks or early preparatory sheets.